Me Made May & Me: Where I Stand

I've been really inspired by Me Made May for about a year and a half now, but I've never really participated. I first became aware of it from following Elise Joy, who I'm such a fan of if I ever saw her in real life I might faint. I've loved following her journey as she manages to make her own wardrobe pieces while also running a planner business and raising two young girls.

My little one, Luna, is about 16 months now, and I seriously don't know how anybody gets anything done. I mean, last night she was up from 3:30-5:30, then up for the day at 7:30, and I'm busted. Especially since I've always been a night owl. I really don't do well with interrupted sleep, but that's what having kids is all about. She's worth it, for sure. I'm just. So. Tired. I have extraordinary respect for moms and parents, let alone moms and parents who have to do anything else. 

So making my own clothes? Ugh. It sounds so exhausting.


I also really love the ideas behind Me Made May: making clothing you truly love, making clothing that truly fits your body (which is big for me, being 5'11"), sustainability by encouraging reworking the clothes you already have, supporting independent designers and small businesses, getting out of a wardrobe rut, finding out where the 'holes' are in your wardrobe so the things you make will actually get worn (um, yeah, I don't need another dress I never wear), inspiration to finish works in progress, and support and inspiration from other makers.

So where does this leave me?

I didn't 'officially' sign up this year. It felt like too much pressure, haha! But, I set some goals for myself:

- Wear 'me made' items 3x/week
- Finish 3 new items that will fit into my wardrobe, that I'll actually wear
- Finish 3 works in progress

These seem like small goals, but so far, as of today, May 18th, I'm not on track.

Wearing me made items 3x/week just isn't doable. I have a handful of items I've made, so I thought I could make it work. But there are some problems. First of all, most of them are dresses. Turns out I do NOT have the patience to wear a dress in this season of life. I'm down on the ground with Luna, or hauling the stroller to the playground, or napping (hopefully), and a dress just isn't comfortable for me. At least, not the ones I've made.

There's also the issue of my new mom-bod. Since having Luna I've gone up and down in weight, and I'm currently on an upswing. I was on a very strict diet after she was born. She wasn't tolerating breast milk, so I eliminated foods one by one until I was down to 5 foods (which I never want to eat again, btw).  I lost all the baby weight and more, but she was still very sick. It was heartbreaking to switch to formula, but as soon as I gave her the first bottle, her little body relaxed in my arms for the first time in months.

I stayed on the restricted diet and pumped, and as she got a bit older and grew out of her intolerance I could give her some from time to time. But man that diet sucked. We were planning for our wedding a few months down the line, so I stuck to a strict but slightly less restricted version as a bride bootcamp of sorts. And after the wedding, I just stopped. I decided to let go a bit, and bake bread and make my grandmother's fudge recipe and enjoy the holidays. And I'm still there, haha. Of course I'd love to lose some weight, but I'm working on being really gentle with my body and mind right now. So I'm starting slowly, for my health, for the clarity of thinking that exercise and clean eating can bring, and so I can fit back into the clothes I truly love.

At this point, most of my clothes, 'me made' or otherwise, don't fit that well. And they're dresses anyway. So, yeah, I've found the 'holes' in my handcrafted wardrobe.

I have made some progress this May, though. I made this very cozy cotton sweater, the Zig Zag Jumper by Mrs. Moon.

And I made this Strata top by Sew Liberated, which I know will be a very versatile and comfortable piece in my wardrobe.

I loved the pattern so much I made a mini version for Luna. Well, it's in progress. I printed the pattern at 45%, which mostly worked, but the neck hole is too small, since babies' heads are gigantic. So I'm going to open that up when I get a chance. Then we can be twinners.

I also purchased a few more patterns with function in mind. I've been wearing a ton of leggings, but they're never cut for tall people, so it's a constant struggle to keep them up. I'm hoping to make some Arnite pants, also from Sew Liberated, to be a nicer, more comfy and more flattering version of leggings. Contemplating making them in a knit, even though they're meant for a draped woven. Could be a disaster. Could be amazing. Time will tell.

It's hard for me to be honest with myself about what I'm actually wearing. I'm sort of a mess. So I'd like to find a better version of...myself, really. Comfort meets style. That's the plan. And I'd like to see if there's a way to repurpose what I already have. I'm currently wearing a giant men's hoodie, which is starting to look like raw materials for something more flattering. Somehow.

There are 12 days left in May, and the sewing community online has been so inspiring, I'm hoping to make good use of those 12 days and come out the other side with a few more truly functional pieces in my wardrobe. Follow me on Instagram to see my progress!

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