Zig Zag Sweater

I fell in love with this sweater, the Zig Zag Jumper by Mrs. Moon, for its comfort and squishiness factor. I wanted to find something that could take my usual mom wardrobe up a notch. I'm usually in leggings and some sort of trapeze sweater that's just long enough to cover my bum. But I recently fell back in love with knitting, as you can see in this post, and I wanted to make something for myself that was quick and bulky, something that I'd actually wear. So comfort was key.

I altered this pattern a bit, due to my own finicky-ness. First off, the neckline. This is a top-down sweater, where you start at the neckline and knit toward the waistline. The pattern begins just below the neck band, and the pattern instructs you to add it at the end. I get a little claustrophobic in high-necked tops, plus I really liked the way this sweater draped while I was trying it on in its unfinished stages (especially in the back!), so I decided not to add the ribbing and instead added a drawstring. I just threaded a piece of yarn in and out all the way around, then tied it to my liking and wove the ends in. Kinda ghetto, haha, but hey man, I'm the one wearing it, so I do what I like! 

I went back and forth about adding the sleeves. I don't usually reach for a sweater of this thickness unless I'm actually cold, so it was my intention to add them. I considered doing 3/4 sleeves, to both keep the bulky feeling down, as this yarn feels, well, super bulky, but in the end decided on the cap sleeve. I liked how it looked, but also, even though the yarn is cotton, it's pretty warm. So for temperature's sake, and for the sake of not feeling to bulky (sometimes I get fed up with clothes that are so bulky they get in the way of daily activities), I went for the short sleeve.

I'm not a huge fan of the little specks of color peeking through the color blocking. I experimented with ways to minimize this as I went, but still wound up with quite a lot of little creepers. In theory, these appear in color work because the floating yarn, the color not being used at the moment, is being picked up at the same stitch on each row. But even though I varied that (sometimes ;), I wasn't able to fully control it. 

I haven't blocked this sweater, because I was so excited to get it on my body I haven't taken the time, but maybe that would help get these peekers under control. Or maybe it's an attribute of this yarn, or maybe I could've sized down my needles so my stitches were tighter and that yarn underneath wouldn't have as much wiggle room. Either way, they're there. I may go in with a needle and thread and see if I can force them to stay out, but that sounds like a lot of work and I have no patience for that at the moment, haha!

Since I finished this a few weeks ago I haven't reached for it much beyond my initial "I'm so excited I finished this sucker I'm going to wear it every day" phase. I think it's because of two things. 

1. My closet is a disaster and Mrs. Zig Zag is getting lost in the fray. 
2. She sheds. A lot. Like it looks like we adopted a pink cat with alopecia kind of shedding. 

I know with wool yarn you can spritz your finished work with water to help bind the fibers together. But I have no idea if that would work with this cotton, or if it will just make it pill.

Does anyone know how to solve a shedding situation with bulky cotton yarn? I'm listening, internet.

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