Colorblock Crochet Sweater

Hello friends! Today I'm sharing a bit more about this colorblock sweater I crocheted about 4 (5? yikes) years ago. Me Made May gave me the swift kick in the pants I needed to finally get it done. It had been sitting in my "to fix" pile for so long, mainly because I knew it would take a lot of courage to finish it properly.

The pattern was inspired by this Anthropologie sweater I saw on Pinterest, which had been blogged about over at Fringe Association.

They have a pretty decent discussion about how to DIY your own version of the sweater, with some great suggestions for where to start. I didn't know much about knitting at the time, I was in a crochet phase, so I didn't really understand what they were talking about over there. The message I came away with was "make it up." So I did.

I crocheted this in two T-shaped pieces, front and back. I took measurements for my hip, bust and shoulders, and added some ease so it would drape (which, sadly, it did not, due to cheap worsted weight yarn and the nature of crochet). I started from the bottom and went up, and honestly just winged it. I had a basic plan, but not an in-depth one by any means.

Considering how cavalier I was about it, I was pretty happy with the results. 90% happy. I didn't love the way the shoulders looked on me. A little too football player for my taste. As I'm 5'11" and fairly broad, I get a bit finicky about shoulder fit. Here are some pics of how it originally fit.

Looking at these pretty, edited pictures I'm thinking "Maybe it really didn't look that bad," but I was never reaching for it in my closet. And when I'd pull it out of the fixer pile and try it on again, I just didn't want to wear it as it was. I needed to do the scary thing and take out some stitches.

I had to take a chunk out from under the sleeve to help nip in the fit. Here's a rough idea:

After lots of thinking about it, I figured I could do it in a way that would be relatively easy. Just snip the yarn about an inch from the edge and unravel from both directions until it was the correct width. But no. Guys, it was a harrowing 30 minutes in which I snipped at both Luna and my mom, and had to apologize for being so stressed about something as silly as knotted yarn.

Do not be fooled by the peaceful, organized-looking picture below. It was, to be plain, awful.

But I made it through, and I'm really glad I did! Here are some before and after shots. Sooooo much better for my body shape.

I may have nightmares about the sound of that cheap yarn snipping through my scissors, but I have a sweater I like a whole lot more than I did. I'm really hoping it'll become something I reach for a lot more, as it's a really good top for LA weather.

PS...I added it to my Ravelry page, that you can find here, which is slowly but surely growing. Reeeeeally hoping to add a finished Tecumseh sweater to my page soon. But of course I haven't started it yet, so it may be a minute. For now I'll try to wear this sucker more often and move on to the next!

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