I'm Victoria, and I'd really love to say something awesome and funny here, but instead, I'll give you this photo of the first dress I ever made. I'd found some old polyester drapes down in my parents' basement, and a stapler, and basically stapled it around my body until it resembled the idea I had in my head. Not the most comfy thing in the world, but hey, I tried.

I learned sewing from my Grandma Hazel. She was a hobby sewist, and taught me how to sew shortly after this picture was taken. My mom remembers my grandmother waking her up in the middle of the night to fit her muslins, made out of old sheets. I can just imagine them in the 1950s, in their curlers, my grandma with her horn-rimmed glasses, dreaming up clothes from well-loved and faded floral bedsheets.

Knitting I learned from my other grandmother, Grandma Lela. She was never not knitting. I used to sit by her chair watching her, while she watched Wheel of Fortune. She used to take me to a bulk yarn store and let me pick out a pattern and the corresponding yarn. Then, like magic, a sweater or a hat would appear. As she got older, and arthritis made it harder to continue knitting, she just used bigger needles. Soon my 6 foot tall father was drowning in XXXL sweaters made with huge needles and love.

My middle name is a combination of their names, Hazlea, and I hope I can do them proud.
These days I work in all kinds of mediums, from complex and time-consuming ceramics, to glue guns and glitter. I'm excited to share them with you here in this, my little corner of the internet.